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          High School Squash Nationals took place last weekend at Westminster School and the Walker’s team was in Division VI. This is one of the largest squash tournaments in the world with the 2020 tournament hosting more than 1,600 players across 13 divisions. This was the first time that Walker’s squash team has participated in Nationals in the history of the program. Walker’s won round one on Friday afternoon and round two late Saturday morning, and lost in the finals 4-3 to Buckingham Browne & Nichols School on Sunday morning.

          “这是真的很高兴看到我们的女孩争夺每一个点,”体育部主任说,卡蒂埃盖特。 “尽管损失,这是一个大问题我们参加国民,我们将继续发展我们的壁球项目。”

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