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          Coach Inducted into New England College Athletic Hall of Fame

          head shot of Amanda Naimie, head JV field hockey coach and assistant varsity lacrosse coach

          October 25, 2019

          Amanda Naimie, head JV field hockey coach and assistant varsity lacrosse coach, was inducted into the New England College Athletic Hall of Fame last month. A member of her alma mater’s field hockey and lacrosse teams, and an active member in the coaching world, Naimie was a standout player and continues to be a leader for the current players. Amanda was a two-time All-Conference selection and was named the North Atlantic Conference’s Women’s Lacrosse Player of the Year in 2012.

          New England College Head Varsity Women’s Coach Megan Leo introduced Amanda, who still has her name in the women’s lacrosse record books. Megan said, “Amanda still holds the record for most ground balls in a career, with an astounding 357. In 71 games, Amanda scored 187 goals and recorded 51 assists for a total of 238 points, putting her third for all time goals, as well as all time points.”

          As the assistant from 2008 through 2010, Meg coached Amanda in both her freshman and sophomore years. “I am proud to say that I had the pleasure of coaching Amanda. I am elated to see where her career took her. She set the bar high, and gave Pilgrims who came after her something to reach for, demonstrating the benefits of hard work and dedication.”

          The Ethel Walker School Athletics program is proud to have Coach Naimie on staff working with student-athletes in two different capacities. Coach Naimie brings a high energy, and her passion for her sports is evident in every drill, every practice plan and the way she instructs her players to work to be smarter players and stronger athletes.

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