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The Ethel Walker School 常问问题

We recognize that the decision to consider a Walker’s education for your daughter is important and in many ways life changing. There are many questions that families have as they embark on the admissions process. We’ve gathered the answers to some commonly asked questions and encourage you to contact the Office of 入场 to begin a dialogue about your daughter's future, in the meantime, please read through some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

What does Walker’s look for in its applicants?

We are often asked this question and frankly there is no one type of girl we seek in our applicants. Rather, we look for girls who can be both academically successful and contribute to our community through their passions and co-curricular activities. Whether through art, music, theater, athletics or community service, we seek girls who want to push themselves to explore new opportunities and enrich the lives of others in their own unique ways.

Is there any testing required?

学生们 are required to take the Secondary School 入场 Test (SSAT score report) In addition, our international applicants are required to take the 托福 Test. (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Does the student need to do an interview?

An interview is required as part of the application process and provides the student with an opportunity to learn more about Walker’s and for the admission team to learn more about the students goals and aspirations.

Does Walker’s offer daily transportation for day students?

Yes! Walker's offers a daily bus transportation service with pickup and dropoff at Bishops Corner in West Hartford. The fee for the service is $800 per child per semester (billed at the beginning of each semester, once in September and once in January) or approximately $10 per day.

What is required for technology?

At Walker’s, we believe in the power of technology as a tool that our girls use to chart a path to their own success. We require each girl to have either an Apple laptop or an iPad for their academic work. Families purchase their student’s device and and student is expected to bring their device, fully charged and in good repair, to school each day. Support staff is on hand during the school day to provide technical guidance should problems arise.

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How and when do I apply for financial aid?

Families must complete the application for tuition assistance through Beginning October 2, complete a 父母' Financial Statement (PFS) by February 1 and upload all required forms by February 15. Each family must apply annually for financial aid, and the tax documents will be reviewed annually. For more information, visit our Affording Walker’s 页。

The Ethel Walker School parents

Learn More from Walker's 父母

Ultimately, finding the right school for your daughter is about the best fit for her. For you, what better way to learn more about us than from current parents? Below, please find a group of current and former Walker’s parents with whom you can connect and ask questions. We encourage you to reach out to them and learn more.


Daughter: Em '21 (Day)



Bloomfield, CT
Daughter: Lizzie '14 (Day)


Leila '82, P'18

Daughter: Eliza '18 (Boarding)


Hazel P'21, '22

Daughters: Grace '21, Bejay '22 (Day)


Mary Clair P'16

Clarks Green, PA
Daughter: Emily '16 (Boarding)